Acam Music is now closed as a Music School as of July 17th 2016.

Message from Joanne, Director:

We’ve had an amazing 18 years of trading as a music school. I am so proud of all the achievements that Acam Music’s students and teachers have made.

At this stage not many people would realise that Acam Music started with just me teaching after hours on my own on the top floor of 23 Thomas Street. It was such a thrill to see my very own business grow from just one student to upwards of 50 hour’s worth of teaching a week. It was soon clear that I needed more space of my own and availability to that space for more hours so that’s when a large room on the bottom floor of 23 Thomas Street was converted into my very own studio. The building next door came up for sale a few years later at an ideal time to expand further into a music school where lots of other teachers have added their commitment, enthusiasm and hard work.

It’s been such a thrill to have so many dedicated and talented students that we could put on some superb concerts. I remember the very first one lasted for four hours and not a single member the audience left early! Such a supportive and enthusiastic group of people.

Over the years we’ve raised thousands for charities such a Macmillan Nurses, Cynthia Spencer Hospice and Children With Leukaemia and we’ve had so many interesting items at our concerts. We’ve really enjoyed giving students of all ages the opportunities to perform together in all sorts of instrumental and vocal combinations and in all sorts of musical styles.

I’d like to thank all the teachers and students who have made Acam Music so special. The future is long, we may be back so WATCH THIS SPACE…